Human beings are by nature social creatures. Relationships are a very important part of our lives and good healthy relationships can bring us a great deal of happiness. But even the strongest relationships can face challenges from time to time and maintaining fulfilling and supportive relationships requires work and effort

relationship counselling

Poor relationships both in our personal and professional lives can cause stress and unhappiness. Having good, fulfilling relationships in all spheres of life is literally good for our health. Healthy relationships are built on trust, they need good communication to thrive. In a healthy relationship, all parties are mindful of the others’ needs and feelings but are based on honesty and respect. If any of these elements are missing or unbalanced in a relationship, this can cause problems

There are a number of relationship problems that can be helped by counselling. An experienced relationship counsellor will work with both individuals and couples to talk through their issues. A counsellor can help a couple work through an affair, work out communication problems in a marriage or provide support during a separation or divorce. Relationship counselling can provide a safe and non-judgemental space where all parties can express their feelings and concerns