It is normal to feel sad from time to time, but depression can affect a person’s daily life and the lives of those around them. If you are suffering from depression you may find it hard to maintain your daily routine, it can sometimes be hard to even get out of bed and you may feel that you find no enjoyment in previously pleasurable things.

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Depression can be very hard to live with, both for the sufferer and those around them. Counselling is considered one of the best ways to treat depression. But the nature of the condition means that often sufferers delay seeking help.

Typically, people with depression will experience feelings of worthlessness, they may feel constantly anxious and tearful. Often they will find it hard to concentrate or make decisions, have low self esteem and feel that there is no enjoyment in life. It is common to feel inappropriate guilt, lack motivation and sometimes feel that life is not worth living.  Depression can also cause physical symptoms such as changes in sleeping and eating habits, tiredness and loss of energy, headaches, stomach upsets, chronic pain and a loss of libido. Sufferers will often isolate themselves from friends and family and avoid social activities. They may also find themselves less productive at work and develop slower speaking patterns.

It is not always obvious why a person becomes depressed, often there is more or one reason but, bereavement, divorce or other distressing life events can be triggers. Sometimes depression is caused by difficult and unresolved childhood experiences or physical illnesses such as a bad virus or thyroid imbalance. Heavy alcohol consumption can also make a person more likely to develop depression. Bipolar disorder and Postnatal depression are severe forms of the illness. The good news though, is that depression can be treated. Most commonly, sufferers will be offered medication and counselling either individually or in combination. Counselling has been found to be very effective in the longer term.

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If you are having thoughts about self harm or suicide, please contact the Samaritans right away